Jaguar XF – Uncompromised Luxury

Wilcox Limousines have been working with Jaguar since 1992 and are an official Jaguar authorised coachbuilder. For over 25 years of partnership and nearly 70 years as a coachbuilder Wilcox Limousines have been perfecting their latest innovations and designs.

Jaguar XF DeckIn 2016 Wilcox Limousines launched the stunning Jaguar XF into the International funeral market. The vehicle has been welcomed in globally, especially in Europe as a prestigious alternative for the discerning Funeral Director. Together with Jaguar, Wilcox Limousines have created extraordinary design, intuitive technology and exhilarating performance to ensure the Wilcox Jaguar Hearse and Limousine are simply the very best funeral vehicle in the world. In 2015 Jaguar replaced the Jaguar XF model with an aluminium saloon that is the most advanced, efficient, refined car in that segment. Not almost as good as, but better than the best.

Wilcox Limousines extend a regular Jaguar XF chassis and then offer various options to suit their clients. Vehicles can be sold as a complete vehicle with a full working deck system, without a deck system or even as an extended chassis to enable other coachbuilder partners to put their own body onto the vehicle. The Wilcox Jaguar XF is predominantly built using aluminium, meaning it is light weight, more fuel-efficient and will retain its value for many years.

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